Consulting Services/Manual Purchase
Can you draw a horses attention
from across the room without
drawing the attention of the human
participants? Eagala approved
workshop for 10 eagala ceu's

Equine Assisted Learning Programs;
  • Training for Equine Specialists
  • Help in building your team
  • Help with ideas
  • Approved eagala ceu
There is a lot to think about when you
decide to set up a business using horses
as mirrors.  Do you need help setting up
your program? Do you need help
preparing the horses?  Do you need help
with herd management?  Do you need a
mentor? Do you need ideas for
programs? Purchase our manual or
Register for a workshop Learn to Trust
the process and the horses!
$100 per hour on the phone or
us if you need a personal visit!
Track systems:  For horse keeping on
small or large acreage. Making the most of
the space you have.  
Horses need to move for their physical,  mental
and emotional health.  In the track system
pictured here 7 mares live together on this
track that surround 6 acres of property.  The
track surrounds two pastures where a stallion
and gelding live. They can travel side by side
through woods, water, varied terrain and over
bridges.  These horses can forage or loaf in the
woods, in the sun or in their sheds all day and
night in all weather.  
Contact us to consult about your unique
property.  Natural Horse Keeping.
$100. per hour on the phone or email.
e-mail us if you need a personal visit!
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Winter Special !   10% off on all
consultations during winter
Equine Assisted Learning is still a new field, but
learning from horses is not! As a facilitator and
business owner in a little known modality of
learning, sometimes all you get with a group is
One Time Only.
As an Advanced Certified Equine Specialist,
over the course of several years,I was able to
see we were doing great work albeit a onetime
only event for the participants. As a single stand
alone session we realized we needed to create a
clear beginning, middle and end to each
session. While most of our sessions are created
impromptu, straight from what the clients say
when they get into the arena; this manual serves
as a guideline for creating different one time
only sessions learned from the participants in
our one time only sessions. We share practice
tips for the arena and share tips on how we
manage our horses and keep them mentally,
physically and emotionally in this work year after
With over 10,000 participants who have come
through our arena since 2006, we have
compiled some of the things we found work well
for the one time only Equine Assisted Learning
and Psychotherapy session.

Manual for teams providing EAP/EAL
services for the one time group. Here is
Kindle version of "One Time Only.
Explore our print version Manual.