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Client Recommendations
Sandy Denarski
Vice President, General Manager - Johnson and Johnson Finance Corporation
MaryAnn had worked in conjunction with an organizational consultant to assist my group in team building. She helped design and facilitate several sessions that were creative, provided powerful and
useful insight and therefore were highly effective. In a short period of time we were able to get to the essence of team issues and develop solutions.
MaryAnn is highly effective and creative. She is also an absolute pleasure to work with and she has a way of pointing out opportunities in a positive light. I highly recommend MaryAnn.
Jeanne Mahoney RN, MS, NCC, LPC
Health Care for Homeless Veterans and Substance Use Disorder RN Specialist at Wilmington VA Medical Center
Working with MaryAnn increased my ability to work within a team. She has the ability to listen to many opinions and ideas and then decide on a course of action that will benefit any company. She
naturally lives in abundance and brings a positive energy in all that she does. Her passion,creativity,openmindedness,integrity,fairness and clarity make her an invaluable member/provider for any
person, group or organization. Her co-leadership in our company was outstanding. Her professionalism and creativity in starting programs, maintaining programs and marketing programs was and is
Roger Smith
Natural Resource Manager Scientist at United States Air Force
MaryAnn is a highly dedicated professional with a passion for her trade. She is able to involve her clients with a feeling that they are in the best possible place to be able to learn from her. She is
constantly improving her programs with hands on training and networking. She is always sharing her knowledge and doing so with a smile on her face.
Susannah Kavanaugh
Mental Health Clinician
MaryAnn has proven to be a creative executive director of a non-profit organization wholly committed to providing her clients the best services possible. She develops tremendous programs and
sees that her plans come to fruition. Her approach is businesslike with compassion. It is an honor to be associated with MaryAnn.
Toni Teschner
Hoof Care Specialist at Heart and Sole Equine LLC, Horsemanship Coach, PATH Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor
Mary Ann is dedicated to helping horses and people seek solutions to problems that keep them from fulfilling thier full potential. I have worked with Mary Ann as a horsemanship student, equine
assisted psychotherapy client, as well as an employee in her handicapped riding program. I have gained an incredible amount from all three experiences.
Working for Mary Ann at the Gloucester County DREAM park was the most satisfying teaching experience I have had as a therapeutic instructor. Her attention to safety, scheduling, horsemanship,
the riders needs, and of course, fun, made me feel at ease as an employee. Her professionalism has inspired me to be a better business woman myself.
Clients Moving Forward
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In the Company of Horses Inc. 240 Pointville Rd. Pemberton, NJ 08068/ 609-330-2444/
Working with horses is an incredibly efficient empowering and fun way to
master the elusive 90% of all communication that distinguishes truly great
leaders, innovators and communicators.
Leadership training; Team Building and Dynamic Interviewing  facilitated by
horses causes lasting changes because you
  • Experiential learning has been proven by experts to be retained.
Horses create a great impact when seen for the first time in a free herd.  When
people realize what they are capable of doing, that they can move animals that
they don’t know, that they can communicate with them, motivate them, besides
saving working hours, discussions, effort and money, they become totally
convinced about the real possibility of making changes.
  • Experiential learning reveals and improves barriers to communication.  
We know that in order to change things, there has to be a change in perspective, a
different vision of things, but sometimes it’s hard to find new angles and
distinctions as an observer.  That is one of the biggest benefits of working with
horses, you will see things like you have never seen them before and this
facilitates a deep and real change.
Horse Assisted Coaching and Working with emotional intelligence;  
  • provides an appreciation for differences and diversity;
  • improves personal awareness
  • focus on communication skills;
  • provides a motivational learning environment because you are engaged!
It is easier when a horse tells you: even though several people tell us about our
possible opportunity areas (areas of improvement), generally when we see things
in a third party, it’s when the impact is greater.  Now, if this third party is a horse
and it shows things to me in such a clear way, the impact will be much greater than
the repetitive remarks of other people.

One of the Higher Impact Tools on the Market today. In just a few
sessions the impact is reflected in real life.
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