The Farm Experience - In the Company of Horses
The Farm itself has always been
part of the experiences of
learning that people enjoy when
arriving at In the Company of
New for 2017 - A program for
individuals and small groups to
enjoy the farm experience.  

Join us for:
  • photography experiences
  • Peaceful walks in the
    company of the
  • land,
  • creek,
  • forest
  • and animals
  • Gardening and landscape
    projects in all four
    seasons, encouraging a
    healthy outdoor life, in
    spite of the weather that
    can often limit New
    Jersians outdoor
On the farm, life happens every
single day and you can be part
of the Farm Experience!
The Barn:
Here at "In the Company of
Horses", we have many
companion animals that share
our barn and farm life.  All of
these animals play an important
role in the ecosystem of the farm
and have valuable life lessons to
  • We have 16 peacocks
    that roam free around the
    land and eat ticks,
    mosquitoes and bugs.
    Each spring a new crop
    arrives! Each year we sell
    the peafowl and they
    need to be gentled for
    pets. You can help!
  • Brush management team -
    We have two goats that
    manage any brush
    overgrowth. This is a
    natural way to limit
    unwanted or invasive
    plant overgrowth such as
    poison ivy. These goats
    are friendly and enjoy
    human companionship.
The barn cats:  Provide a valuable rodent
management service! I have not seen a
barn mouse in years, and they love people.
The Horses:
We have seven beautiful, friendly and
helpful horses!  In the Farm Experience, you
can participate in our
grooming program
and pet, brush and care for their needs,
including feeding and clean up.  Or you can
just enjoy watching their herd dynamics, a
most enjoyable and valuable learning
One Very Helpful and Friendly
Pricing and Packages: Any experience can be custom designed for you or your group, just ask by calling
at 609-330-2444 or email at  

Farm experience:  
Guided tours for nature walks, observation and photography:
Individuals:  $50 per hour, $35 per half hour
Groups: $12 per person (8 people) per hour. Ask about larger groups.

Farm experience:
Horse Grooming Program:
Individuals $50 per hour, $35 per half hour
Group: (minimum 3 people) $40 per person per hour, $20 per half hour.  Ask about larger groups.

Farm Experience:
Woodland Management Programs:
Individuals $50 per hour, $35 per half hour Children under 10 are free.
Families - Two adults and up to 3 children $65 per 1/2 hour; $85 per hour
Group: (minimum 5 people) $40 per person per hour, $35 per person per half hour. Ask about larger groups.

Gardening and landscape projects - These projects can be created for one day, for one season or for one
whole year for ongoing care of the garden or landscape project. These programs, if participated in for a season
could qualify individuals to participate in leadership roles in the future.  Ask for details... 609-330-2444 or
These projects are also available for large groups of volunteers who want to give back.  

All participants should dress appropriately for the weather outside. Wear old clothes that you do not
care about in layers in case the weather changes or you get dirty. Wear waterproof and close toe
shoes. Long pants and hats are recommended and gloves as needed.
Learn about wood and woodland
management on our farm
The Farm Experience