3 One day workshops to create a foundation from which to think about your relationship with your horse and all
    horses.  All  classes build on all other classes and can be taken in any order AND can and should be taken
    repeatedly to broaden deepen and widen your understanding of these dynamic subjects.  I am adding new
    content all the time to keep you growing and learning! Join us on the first Saturday of every month for a
    Foundation class.  Auditors are welcome and encouraged at these workshops because they are conceptual as well as
    demonstrated and practiced.

    Foundation 1: Focus on YOUR Leadership ~through your horse~ becoming calmer and braver on the ground
    and while riding.  Here is the path:
  •       emotional intelligence and then emotional agility - We get here by observing our horses and using
    interpretation to observe our own already way of thinking.
  •        social intelligence - collective knowing - The horses bring us here as we work together
  •        we work on your leadership and consensual leadership. This is personal to you and your horse.
  •        we have an easy way to see levels of consciousness, again, to give us a place to think from. Also, so you
    know, the journey is lifelong and we are all on it.
  •        introducing your horses to new things or scary things, people, places or changes and maintaining
    confidence and curiosity. These are clear and easy to follow strategies that work on the ground and in the
    saddle, used consistently - they work!
  •      we will look at innate leadership of us through the horses in my herd - In the herd, what is true
    leadership?  What is the role of dominant horses in the herd? What is the role of those who are passive in life
    and in the herd?  What is behind this behavior and how does balance happen?

    Foundation 2 Focus Light as a Want To! In all physical directions, in mind and in body and in spirit.  A light
    heart.   When I say lightness, I mean as light as a thought which leads to self carriage and attentiveness.  (See
    photo on left)  We encourage the want to: Clean Observation is a big part of this workshop.
  • we  learn to see and reward the slightest try or the slightest better then how to : Increase your timing
    and feel with the:
  • use release as a reward
  • rest as a reward
  • rubbing or scratches as a reward
  • voice as a reward
  • food/treats as a reward
       These releases come in the stand still, in motion and at all gaits, groundwork and mounted.

  • we learn about effective use of phases
  • body language and mental pictures
  • energy  - outward and inward
  • timing
  • We focus on progressing in the next available moment so our horses stay interested.
With time and practice, as we progress, lightness turns into self carriage for the horse and for the humans.  This is why
these classes are meant to be reviewed, to widen, deepen and broaden your understanding and that of your horse!

  When the student is ready - the lesson will appear!

    Foundation 3 Focus on moving in harmony with your horse, on the ground, from behind, both sides, in front
    of and from the top.
    This is a fun class, all about movement! Music helps!
  •        this is where we learn about our mental pictures - we learn to create and project our mental pictures as
    well as receive them
  •        we learn to see the energy bubbles of our horses, our energy bubble, then 'Our' bubble
  •        we learn to send and receive energy and recognize energy when it is received
  •        in this class we begin to move with our horses at liberty - this is not round penning! There are so
    many fun ways to play at liberty; each time you participate in this class will be different.
  •        we learn about the geometric shapes of moving with horses
Each class is $175 each and runs for 1 full day.  You can click here to find dates and register. You'll find a discount for purchasing two or three classes at one time. There are no extra fees for
bringing your own horses. If you are reviewing any class you have previously participated in, the reviewer price is $100.
 I strongly encourage reviewing!  We begin each class at 8:30 AM and end at 6 PM.  
These are full days.  Bring your lunch, snacks, beverages and dress for the weather outside.  Bring a notebook for note taking.

AUDITORS WELCOME -  The nature of these classes is theory based and then practiced through the horses, making it a great workshop for auditors.There will be exercises in all 3 classes for humans to practice
without horses. $100. Auditor fee.

LEASE HORSES - For these three classes we do have a limited number of lease horses available at $100. per class.
Email us if you have any questions.

Each month we will have one foundation class on the first Saturday of each month so you will have the opportunity to spend time in the classes you may miss or the classes you want to spend more time in! You'll
want to take the classes more than once to broaden deepen and widen your breadth of understanding.  Practice in between and come to the next class with your insights and questions to go deeper.

HERE: info@inthecompanyofhorses.com
Focus on shared leadership - Foundation 1
Focus on Lightness Foundation 2
Focus on Harmony - Foundations 3
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