Fun and Games Horsemanship Workshop!
In this two day workshop we will work together to create fun games that you and your horse will both love!  
Games include:
Liberty Games like:
"Find your Herd" a game guaranteed to bring joy and wonder to you and your horse and fun like you have
never had playing with no strings attached.

On Line Games
"Extremely Friendly" going over, under, around and through including the "Water Game"

Riding Games Including:
"The Double Barrel Pattern"  "Light as a Feather" "The Moving Game" "A Knights Tale"

All of these games are suitable for young, (even not yet under saddle) or older horses and people from
every discipline
For People of
All Ages!
And All  
So not to worry that there is
anything you will not be able to do.  
You will be challenged but not

Variety is the spice of life for your
horse too!  Consistency is a great
teacher but too much consistency is
downright boring!
This workshop includes everything you
have come to expect from an In the
Company of Horses workshop.  You will
learn to listen to the emotions of yourself
and your horse and use those emotions as
information to have the relationship you
want! You will leave with homework so you
know what to do next.  

This workshop is great for students and
teachers alike!!
This workshop can be held anywhere in the world where there are horses and people willing to learn from them!  If you
would like to host this workshop
email us.

Where In the Company of Horses Inc. Pemberton, NJ 08068
  •  We will be outside in most weather except lightning so bring appropriate comfortable all weather attire.
  •   Since we will be doing both ground work that includes on and off line, bring the tools you like and also your
    riding gear, if that is appropriate.
  • Plan to attend the entire time because everything builds on everything else.  
  • Limit 6 participants - First come basis
  • Overnight stabling is available $25 per night inside or outside.  
  • Bring everything you need to take care of yourself and your horse for two days including food. Water is
    available for drinking and showering horses.
  • Registration  Workshop Cost $200 if you are coming alone,  $300. if you are bringing a friend!
  • Refund Policy:   You will receive a full refund if the class is not held for any reason.  While we understand
    emergencies come up refunds of 50% of your deposit are available for these emergency cases. If you fill your
    spot (replace yourself with someone else) 100% of your deposit will be refunded.

September 12-13, 2015 How many are coming?