For people pursuing their purpose driven life! - This workshop is for people who are up to stuff.  
Women and men, young and old, non-horse people and hose people alike.  
Aspirations in areas of your life such as your family, local or national political office, classroom, office, boardroom, new business or
barn - this workshop crosses all barriers. This workshop is available for individuals or private organizations where specific goals need to
be addressed, people who can see areas of life that are working and some that are not working as well as they would like!

Why  - Because of the horses!
And it's not only through riding, they are masters of cooperation.  Take a closer look at the social structure of the herd animal, it's WAY
more than just a hierarchy of dominance and submission. Fully empowered herds are the   ULTIMATE EXAMPLE OF COOPERATION AND
Herds :
  • Stay together based on relationship and peer attachment with or without fences.  
  • Value relationship over territory.
  • They mourn the loss of their friends,
  • Help each other learn to be brave, supports individual and group needs simultaneously
  • band together to raise young and teach them what is acceptable in 'this' herd.
  • Horses have leaders and share leadership.
  • Stop fighting when aggressor backs off
  • Shields the weak
  • Leads through experience, curiosity and the ability to calm and focus others during crisis
  • Conserve energy for true emergencies
  • Cooperation is emphasized
This is just some of what horses have to teach us.                                                                                       
Day 1
Classroom : Preparation for new awareness's
Ancient power tools of communication passed to us without
our even knowing it; their prevalence and every day use and
consequences in our communities workplace and homes.

Horse Activity:
constructive messages behind fear, anger, frustration,
sadness,disappointment etc.
Horse Activity:
  • Assignment of Social Intelligence -  Listen to your
body and be able to read a room; listen to the herd
that includes but is not limited to you!

Discussion: The 4 roles of leadership and how and
when to use them effectively.

Horse Activities:
  • Get clear about boundaries and assertiveness vs.

  • Increase your ability to manage contagious emotions
    in a more productive direction.

HOMEWORK - Cultivating what is nothing short of
Emotional Heroism
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In the Company of Horses Inc.
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Two Day Workshop
at.-Sun. Oct. 27-28, 2018
(Max 10 people)
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Day 2
Discussion of homework over refreshments

Horse Activities all day:  
  • Your Leadership.
  • Understanding the difference between predatory and non predatory power and when to employ each effectively.
  • Preparing for difficult conversations
  • Engaging in consensual leadership (the ideas of match/pace/lead)
  • Enjoy the ride! Setting the stage for the future!

The way Experiential Learning Works is it works on you! You'll learn by doing.
Affinity for or experiences with horses is not necessary for an unforgettable learning experience. There is no riding.
Past participants comments to future participants:

-- A wonderful balance of time to understand the concepts and experiential learning with the horses who gave us immediate feedback.  I felt
the facilitators as well as the people who participated in our group provided a safe space to explore , learn, question and laugh. - Executive

-- This course equips you with invaluable information and experience to become the leader inside you. Plus the horses are amazing. - Analyst

--A very empowering and fun workshop - Great job! - Horseman

--Everyone can be a leader and if you want to become aware of your innate leadership skills, this is the workshop for you. - Ellen Lear, Mental
Health Professional

-- Well worth attending! - Reverend Al

-- This workshop was a great exercise for self-revelation.  I am not a horse person and was a little intimidated at first but was very comfortable
around then and with the help of the facilitators learned a lot. - Lydia DeJohnette

-- This training is useful for all areas of life personal and professional.  It has extremely useful exercises and information. - Farah, Clinician
MORE  When asked, "Did this workshop cover what you expected?" Here are some answers
"Yes, it clarified what objects are between me and the potential to be the person/leader I want to be"
"Yes, it helped me identify areas I need to address personally and professionally"
"Yes and more, bringing to the surface positive qualities of leadership in everyone was very empowering"
"Yes, More than I imagined!"

When asked, " How do you envision incorporating the information into your life?  
"I realized how I need to be clearer about my boundaries and how that has created problems in the past that I will be more aware of in the
"Remember the shifts in my body and the strength it gave me even amidst the negativity around me"
"I'll use the tools from this workshop including the emotional message chart, recognizing the correct emotion for the feeling"
"I see I need to do more body scans so I know when my boundaries are crossed, I also see I need to be more assertive with my boundaries"
"If I can set my own boundaries, I could feel more empowered to
invite others in"
"I plan to use the information actively as I make a major transition in my life. To know that In need a clear set of tasks to be an affective leader
and to embrace my predator to set boundaries early."
"In my work. Believing in myself and what I can bring to a situation vs the negative chatter in my head"
"Refer to the emotional message chart to investigate my emotions and stay
"I will be processing it for a long time, by myself and with others, and hope to use the information to take more of a leadership role (and be
comfortable with it) in groups I work with."
"I feel more positive and realize what I considered my weaknesses can be seen and developed into positive qualities"