Who is this workshop for?
  • People who are interested and looking for professional assistance in working on themselves and
    their own horses energetically on the ground and while riding.
  • People who may have a long history with their own horses or
  • People who have horses who came to them with long histories
  • People who have horses new to them, even young or un-started horses.
  • All horses and riders of all disciplines are welcome.
While riding is a part of this workshop, it is absolutely not necessary to ride to accomplish all that is
available in this workshop.  There are no prerequisites to participate in this workshop.
here about the possibility of leasing a horse if need be.

What is this workshop?
An opportunity to spend two full days with your own horses sharing, moving, sending and receiving energy
through all parts of our bodies even through our equipment, reins, saddles and lead ropes, deepening your
relationship into a healing one on the ground and in the saddle; so each interaction transforms your


Where the relationship is more desirable than the grass!

To experience, consciously, more unspoken relationship nuances with your horse. We are already sharing
and exchanging energy, thoughts and feelings with our horses. Bringing this energy exchange, these
thoughts and feelings into the foreground of who we are being is what deepens the relationship into a
healing one on the ground and in the saddle in our every deliberation with our own horses, other horses, or
any person for that matter! You and your horse will leave with a new way of being together.



Ginger is an Equine Healing Practitioner with twenty-five years of experience as a healer. She graduated
from the four-year program at the international Barbara Brennan School of Healing, earning a certification
in Brennan Healing Science® She was invited to join the faculty, where she taught students and mentored
the teachers. Ginger has had extensive training in awareness, survival and the earth-based tradition of
shamanic healing with Tom Brown Jr. at his Tracker School in New Jersey. She is the owner of Earth
Horse Healing, LLC: a holistic healing practice that specializes in horses. Ginger teaches classes on
equine healing, she writes and speaks publicly on the topic.

MaryAnn works quietly with people and horses to create grace and harmony in relationships so horses or
people don't have to be loud, big or forceful with one another. The goal is always lightness and
connectedness between horse and rider or handler.  Horses are always talking;  listening simply without
complicating things is the way to ease, in relationship, with our horses at home; at a show or on the trail.
In this way old traumas can be forgotten and not perpetuated, riders/handlers can learn that when they are
grounded, releasing their breath, attending to the little things that happen before the big things happen,
both horses and humans can be safe, calm, happy and have more fun without fear.  
Working to clarify thoughts, mental pictures, feelings and actions help to dissipate the white noise we
humans live in daily and bring to our horses who are innately peaceful animals.

When and Where and How much?
May 11 - 12,  2016
In the Company of Horses
Pemberton, NJ 08068
Tuition - $500      

Here is our webinar replay!.  There is no real need to watch the webinar because of
technical difficulties, I locked on Ginger the whole time!  While I like Ginger, there is nothing
else really to watch! Listen here though, because the info is great!
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