Refining EAGALA Model Facilitation With Horses And People
Approved by eagala for 10 CEU's March 2016 - March 2017
This workshop may be held anywhere in the world!
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Can you draw a horses attention
from across the room without
drawing the attention of the human
Learning Objectives and Goals:

Practice; Practice; Practice!

1.) Observe and share clean
observations of the horses.

2.) To observe and share our ’s in
relation to the observations of the

3.) To practice sharing (improve) clean
observations of the horses that
forward the clients process.

4.) To improvise and practice different
ways of attracting a horse’s attention
without interfering with the
client’s process.
What participants are saying:

This was a great class to break down really
how to use clean language effectively.  Also,
it helped us to strengthen how to get horses
to do what you need without interfering
with the client's experience.  It also
reminded us of how to build upon activities
based on the intention of the
group/workshop.  I would definitely
recommend Mary Ann and Debra from
In the Company of Horses, workshop!
_-Johanne Arseneault LCSW

I really appreciated how safety/awareness
issues were addressed in this training.  The
most effective and comprehensive that I've
experienced in an eagala training so far.
-Carrie Christainsen ES

In the Company of Horses facilitators are
consistently professional while at the same
time created a fun and relaxing
atmosphere. Engaged entire experience.
-M. Roller ES
I will use improv for flexibility. Open
mindedness; Non judgement of the process
or outcome; acceptance.
Observation allows us to more objectively
assess the interactions between client and
horse and to increase my awareness of my
own 's.
This workshop was actually far more fun
and challenging than any previous
EAGALA workshop!
Dr. J. Dugan-Roller
Using clean observations is MUCH cleaner
as it opens the space for movement!
- Martha Heinkel LCSW
I will incorporate the use of sensitizing to stay focused on the
client's goals
- Equine Specialist

I feel like I was allowed to grow and explore my own thoughts
and feelings in an accepting environment.
Clean observations are helping me to really look at what I
clearly see, as opposed to what I wish I could see. - Or want to
believe is even possible to be seen.
Thank you!
I have a much better idea of how 'energy and intention' work
in therapy - Thank You Mary Ann!


I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of discussion and
time involved with working with the horse on the ground.  I
appreciated the feedback from the entire group!

I will try to remember the importance of observation with out
interpretation.  Improvisation will help me work on flexibility
in my life and eagala work.

I loved the yes but and yes and  examples.  You are a lovely
person and I enjoyed you sharing your heart and knowledge
with me.  Thank you!
I really enjoyed the experience of
drawing picture of the horse that was
in my closed envelope!

I'm thinking improv is really what
I'm saying when I say "Build a
metaphor" to a client.  
Improvisation really helps me stay
present right in the moment!

What a wonderful thing to learn about
improvisation, then put into use! I
should do this more often.

I look forward to taking more time
practicing clean observations with my
own horses.

I actually want to do a lot more
improv as I begin my MH work - Live
theater improv has a lot to contribute
to eagala - and perhaps I will find out
ways to add to this body of
experiential knowledge.