In the Company of Horses

Equine Assisted Learning

What can we learn from horses?

  • Equine Assisted Team Building and leadership training causes lasting changes that won't soon be forgotten.
  • Experiential learning has been proven by experts to be retained.
  • Experiential learning reveals and improves barriers to communication.
  • Provides insight into group dynamic.
  • Provides an appreciation for differences and diversity.
  • Improves personal awareness and focus on communication skills.
  • Provides a motivational learning environment because you are engaged!
  • Teaches empathy and willingness to accept responsibility.
equine-assisted learning

Why Horses?

When horses are allowed to live naturally in herds and family groups, every horse is important and has a job and a responsibility to the herd. The horses figure this out. That's what happens to people when they participate in these Equine Assisted Programs. People learn who they are being and find their own individual strengths!

  • Self discovery and self awareness come to the human when interacting with the horse whose language is unspoken.
  • A horse gives a willing participant instant, honest feedback without the perceived fear of judgment or rejection.
  • Learn to be assertive without being confrontational. Experience team building and leadership skills.

Who could benefit from equine assisted growth and learning?

Everyone! Individuals, children, families, couples, sport teams, committees and boards of all kinds and corporations that are looking to improve communication, leadership and creativity. In fact people of all ages can grow and learn by being in the company of horses.

We will customize a program for you and your group. The following is a sample to assist you to know what is available. (Check back often to see additional samples)

Programs Offered:

All of our programs are designed to fully engage the whole person, mind and body.

Leadership Training

Horses, in powerful experiences with humans, create experiential opportunities for exploring and expanding human potential in the areas of mind, body and spirit. These experiences teach skills for developing intuition, compassion, boundaries and leadership; and for stepping into our greater lives. They give us a way to explore ourselves as energetic beings and to develop the ability to communicate with others more skillfully. They help cultivate an awareness of subtle cues in ourselves and others, and ways to orchestrate this awareness for a more joyful and effective life. They nurture skills for global citizenship, promoting cross-cultural interaction in our increasingly smaller and complex world. No prior horse experience is necessary.

Who is this Leadership Training Program for?

Teachers, medical professionals, corporate professionals, small business people, government officials, administrators, any type of team leaders, parents, equine specialists and equine enthusiasts of all ages.

How Long is the Program?

Every program is custom designed to meet individual needs. The minimum recommended program is three sessions, following a telephone or personal interview to get to know one another and set outcomes. The sessions may be private or in small groups.

Team Building

Equine Assisted Team Building provides experiential training in groups specifically geared toward working together in teams. Whether it be a corporate team, a government team, a sports team, an executive or administrative team or a family, team building with the assistance of horses is fun, enlightening and is retained. This type of learning is strength based and solution focused. Horses provide instant honest feedback so participants can experience freedom from judgment, just authentic responses to actions and interactions. When your team shifts, it's evidenced right away in the actions of the horses. This is an emotionally safe environment for teams to grow and learn. Every team building experience is customized for your team.

How Long is the Program?

Since every organization has different needs and different training levels, each equine assisted team building is custom designed for your organization and may include a preliminary visit to your place of business, the need for a conference center and several days of training in a row or several days over months. All equine assisted team buildings are followed by a full report and a reminder photo of what you all learned. The minimum recommended program is one full day of training with a working lunch.

Call today to see how an equine assisted team building or leadership training is right for you or your organization. 609-330-2444

Summer Programs available for registration now. Call 609-330-2444

8 week summer programs equine assisted character education Saturday mornings from 9 AM-Noon Beginning July 10 through August 28, 2010. Location: In the Company of Horses 240 Pointville Rd. Pemberton, NJ 08068.

Journey of the Spirit Horse

This program is designed for middle school aged girls and boys The focus of this program is Healthy Relationships with self and all life! On writing, listening and speaking skills, all in the company of horses. 8 student minimum 10 student maximum. No Horse Experience is Required. Call for details: 609-330-2444

The Lessons:

  • Lesson 1 Rules and expectations, Respect, Relationships
  • Lesson 2 Trust, Responsibility, Leadership
  • Lesson 3 Honesty, Courage, Kindness
  • Lesson 4 Self-control, Setting Goals, Preparation
  • Lesson 5 Productivity, Determination
  • Lesson 6 Friendship, Sportsmanship, Tolerance & Diversity
  • Lesson 7 Compassion & Caring & Forgiveness, Fairness
  • Lesson 8 Cooperation, Citizenship, Integrity
  • Lesson 9 Completion
  • Lesson 10 Celebration

Introduction to Natural Horsemanship

This program is designed for horse lovers. In this 8 week program the student will learn how to communicate with horses and fellow students with the primary use of body language. Based in Love Language and Leadership each student will have their own horse for the entire 8 week program. There is a limit of 5 students for this class. Classes will be held on Friday night from 5-8 PM at In the Company of Horses 240 Pointville Rd. Pemberton, NJ 008068. Students of all ages are encouraged to submit an application. Participants for this course will be chosen based on desire to learn and will be required to submit, in writing a letter sharing why the student wants to learn about horses. Send your letter to

Students will exit with new problem solving skills, ability to make ‘good’ choices for their lives, team and leadership skills, a new appreciation and respect for all life, a new level of self confidence and a good foundation in natural horsemanship and natural lifestyle.

The Lessons:

  • First Session Introduction to Understanding Horses
  • Lesson 1 8 Guiding Principles and Zonology
  • Lesson 2 Rythmic Motion
  • Lesson 3 Steady Pressure
  • Lesson 4 Rythmic Pressure
  • Lesson 5 Practice that moves to fun and creativity
  • Lesson 6 Moving in harmony with your horse
  • Lesson 7 Taking our games to the saddle
  • Lesson 8 Where to go from here – Celebration/Tournament (Families Welcome)

These classes will be held outside in all weather (except lightning). There will be a combination of video, book and hands on learning. Riding boots will be required.

Tuition for Journey of the Spirit Horse Character education program:

Tuition must be paid for the entire program at or before our first session. Tuition includes everything the student will need to complete entire program, including journals and all supplies and building materials, snacks, water and all horses and facilitators for the entire 10 session program.

$500 per student - Payment accepted in checks made payable to In the Company of Horses, cash or credit card.

Tuition for Therapeutic Horsemanship Program:

Tuition must be paid for the entire program at or before our first session. Tuition includes everything the student will need to complete the entire program, including journals, all learning materials, water and everything needed to play with, learn, be safe with, have fun with and ride horses.

$500 per student – Payment accepted in checks made payable to In the Company of Horses, cash or credit card.

Resumes for all full time facilitators are available upon request
In the Company of Horses
240 Pointville Rd.
Pemberton, NJ 08068