Equine Assisted psychotherapy is a great resource for mental health professionals to help stuck clients
Equine Assisted Psychotherapy for individuals or groups.

Equine Assisted Learning incorporates horses experientially for growth and Learning, without riding  
  • We have high standards and work in a collaborative team including a Licensed Professional
    Counselor, a Qualified Equine Specialist and Horses.
  • Solution Oriented - We believe our clients already have the answers to their life's dilemmas, we co-
    facilitate the journey to find them.
  • Short-term, or "brief" approach usually around 8 sessions.  
  • Participants learn about themselves and others by participating in activities with horses and then
    talking about what happened and how to apply this experience to current events and situations in

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What people are saying about Equine Assisted Learning In the Company of Horses...
Patricia Burton House parent at The Lester A. Drenk Behavioral Health Center
MaryAnn/ In the Company of Horses Inc., was a great tool for my girls. It gave them confidence , a boost in self esteem and a new outlook on things. The experience was unforgettable.
Bonnie Malajian
Director - Stable Insights - Equine Assisted Growth & Learning Program at Pony Power Therapies
MaryAnn is a very insightful and informative specialist in the field of Equine Assisted Therapies. Her programs are well designed, and focused on the treatment objectives of all her clients. I have seen the positive
powerful impact that she and her philosophy has had on clients as well as other Equine Assisted professionals. She is truely and inspiration for those who have the chance to work with her.
Alison Alison
Education Management Professional
Wonderful experience watching her company work with people with physical and emotional needs and healing and expanding their horizons through the equine interaction.
Char Jennings
Learning Consultant at Rancocas Valley Regional High School
Mary Ann provides a unique opportunity for individuals of all ages and backgrounds to become stronger in communication, problem solving skills, self-confidence, conflict resolution and relationships.With MaryAnn and
in the company of horses, great things can happen!
Paul S
40 year old male participant in Rehab beginning addiction recovery journey
Working with the horses required teamwork and planning; the activity was a great metaphor for addiction and the obstacles we face during recovery.
Paul Berenotto
President Rolling Thunder Ch4 NJ
Mary Ann what a day, the Veterans as well as the staff were amazed at Mya and Valentine. The power of healing that animals bring to people is truly something to
see and is so touching when you are apart of, or part of the reason for the joy and the healing to that person. I was amazed at how well Valentine and Mya did
they just stood there not moving ,with the walkers, wheelchairs and photo flash was impressive. You did a great job in training them, and they did a great job
making a great day for our Veterans. The words you wrote were very moving and filled with love, pride and much care . I would like to THANK YOU and Butch for
bringing Valentine and Mya out for the day and hope we can do it again.
Thank You again                                                                                                        (See the
blog related to this comment)
Kristen K
26 year old female in Rehab beginning her addiction recovery journey
I really took a lot from this activity.  It was so nice to not give up and work together as one even though it was hard. We dealt with the consequences together to work toward a common goal. Thank You!
Luisa B
27 year old female  participant
"I didn't really want to do this and I thought the obstacles were going to be impossible.  We figured it out together. I"m so proud of myself for not giving up!  I'm going to remember this experience and remember how
many times I wanted to give up and then didn't.  Extremely helpful, thank you! "
Levi W.
23 year old male participant
"A lot of great metaphors to relate to my recovery.  I thought it was a lot of fun to get out and interact with the horses and work as a team.
Max L
24 year old male participant beginning his recovery journey
"I learned I love horses.  I got more in touch with my love for animals.  I also learned that I have al lot of different feelings about my recovery and different obstacles to overcome." Extremely Helpful
Non-Corporate Equine Assisted Learning Programs for Individuals and Groups:  

  • HIB Training for school teachers and administrators: Practice and discover new
    ways of empowerment for each other and for the students in your schools.
Bullying Awareness Brochure Here.
We can help you
By employing the living power of horses to produce unforgettable learning experiences and real results.
Check in here for an awesome series of short videos about our eagala model equine assisted learning!
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