In the Company of Horses

Therapeutic Riding

Handicapped Riding Students:

The natural movement of the horse assists the physically handicapped child and adult to move muscles in ways which are life altering to his or her everyday experiences. Movement improves. It can be more enjoyable to get your therapy on the back of a horse. The view from on top of a horse can be empowering. Trained Volunteers assist. There are up to 2 side walkers and one leader for every horse and student.

Therapeutic Riding: In the Company of Horses

Special Needs and Learning Disabled Students:

Horses can assist these students with maintaining focus, impulse control, communication, social skills, life skills and behavior management. It is hard to ignore a 1000 pound horse. These students start their relationship on the ground and learn to form a partnership which allows them to mount when the time is right. These classes are taught in groups in an after school format. Trained volunteers from the local 4-H, Gloucester County College Equine Classes and mature local horse men and women assist these bright young stars with shinning to the best of their abilities. There will be a lead instructor to direct the activities. Groups will consist of 4 students with the appropriate number of volunteers according to the tested abilities of the student.

Our students will come to us with a wide variety of disabilities. We focus on their abilities and cause them to continue to develop their own strengths. Each student will provide current reports from medical and education professionals. Our instructors use this information to develop individual lesson plans and goals with the student. Together we create measurable markers and celebrate those when reached.

We start our relationship with all our students in an initial meeting where we meet, exchange paperwork, begin to discuss our goals and meet the horses of course. All students must complete our application packet and must meet with an instructor or therapist before being. Please note that we will work to serve as many students as we can but there may be limited spaces as our position within the community grows. When that happens we will initiate a waiting list.

Depending on their individual needs, a student may be scheduled for either mounted or unmounted activities. We allow the students the time they need to create a trust between the horse and the human. In some cases, our students prefer to play on the ground with their new found equine friend before they get on. In this way we can allow the relationship to naturally progress. We call this therapeutic horsemanship. Our professional staff will be happy to discuss these options with you. We are excited and pleased to have the opportunity to serve you.


On this website go to "forms". Download them all and fill them out. All paper work must be in 10 days before the beginning session. Each student must come in to meet with an instructor or therapist for placement and review of the paperwork. New students must attend an orientation meeting with their guardians/parents prior to the start of the sessions:

Fees, Schedule and Location:

$50 per 1/2 hour lesson with a horse. All rides are by appointment on Monday, Wednesday or Saturday. Therapeutic Riding is held at Majoda Stables 620 Garwood Rd. Moorestown, NJ 08057.
In the Company of Horses
240 Pointville Rd.
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