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Comments to future participants:

Lydia DeJohnette
  This workshop was a great exercise
for self-revelation.  I am not a horse owner and was a little
intimidated at first but was very comfortable around them and
with the help of the facilitators learned a lot.

Anonymous Enjoyable and empowering clinic that I was not
aware that I needed; well worth taking.

Anonymous - Wonderful balance of time to understand concepts
and experiential learning with the horses who gave us immediate
feedback.  I felt the facilitators as well as the people who
participated in our group provided a safe space to explore, learn question and laugh.

Farah DeJohnette   This training is useful for all areas of life personal and professional.  It has extremely useful exercises
and information.
Link to Farah's Blog about this workshop!

Anonymous   In the Company of Horses is a class act.  They know their business and have wonderful facilitating skills,
allowing participants to find their own truth, self actualizing and walk away with an enriched knowledge of themselves.

Anonymous - I plan to use the information actively as I make a major transition in my life to know that I need a clear set of
tasks to be an effective and to embrace my predator to set boundaries early.

Pam Allen- LeBlanc    I work in this field and with horses in this manner so I wasn't sure just what I would be taking away
from the clinic, only that I knew I was suppose to attend.  I can't believe that with some new tools and understandings and a
few simple exercises, you could give one a whole new way of looking at the world! THANK YOU!  Now on to part 2!  

Anonymous    Amazed how powerful experiential learning through horses is to having a shift in what's possible, i.e
expanding my belief in my potential for change and growth despite limiting predatory power dynamics

Anonymous - This course equips you with invaluable information and experience to become the leader inside you. Plus,
the horses are amazing.

Anonymous - I feel more positive and realize what I considered my weaknesses can be seen and developed into positive
qualities. A workshop worth attending.

Ellen Lear - I didn't know what to expect, I wasn't quite sure what this workshop was about and was blown away by how
much I learned about myself as a leader.

Jenn C - I thought the two facilitators were thoughtful, gentle and kind and made me feel safe and comfortable to share.  
Food and drink was wonderful, both thoughtful and yummy and perfect to help process. This group was awesome.

Lunch, snacks and beverages are included.

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